Highly Realistic Practices with Phaco Machine

“KITARO WetLab” is a smart, high-quality, miracle phaco surgery simulator.
  • Tool for surgical simulation very similarly on the human eye, superior to porcine wet lab.
  • Smart tool with mock instruments and drain system-, requiring no complicated preparation.

WetLab training image

KITARO WetLab is a tool designed to simulate phaco surgery using a phaco machine under a microscope in an operation room or wet lab, very similarly on the human eye, while KITARO DryLab is a tool designed to teach and practice the basic phaco surgery techniques at the desk without using machines.

KITARO WetLab is an all-in-one surgical practice kit including:

Oculomotor device (generating similar eye movement by instrument manipulations),

Artificial face with eyelids as soft as human ones,

Mock instruments such as a hook and forceps,

Irrigation bag (using tap water), and Drain system.

No complicated preparation is required.

  • Instruments

    mock instruments

  • Drain system

    drain system

  • Oculomotor device

    artificial face &oculomotor device

Two innovative technologies of KITARO WetLab enable highly realistic surgical simulation.

1. Artificial Cataract Lens | All Phaco Techniques, Complication Management

Artificial cataract lens

The artificial cataract lens of KITARO WetLab has the high-quality nucleus, cortex, anterior capsule, and posterior capsule. You can experience 3 types of nuclei varying in hardness (soft, medium, and hard). You can practice almost all steps in phacoemulsification such as CCC, all nuclear segmentation techniques, and even IOL insertion, very similarly on the human eye. In addition, posterior-capsule rupture and nuclear dropping may occur, which allow you to practice intraoperative complication management.

  • CCC
  • Grooving & Dividing
  • Phaco Chop
  • Prechop
  • Emulsification & Aspiration
  • Capsule Rupture Management
2. Artificial Cornea | Self-Sealing Wound, AK (LRI), Suture

Self-Sealing Wound

The high-quality artificial cornea same as the human cornea in thickness (500 μm thick at the center and 700 μm thick at the periphery) provides a realistic feeling of instrumentation. You can also practice self-sealing wound construction, AK, LRI, and suture.

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