We propose "KITARO" Surgical Training System.

Practice makes Perfect !

"KITARO" is Revolutionary Training Tool for Basic Phaco Surgery and Complex Cataract Surgeries

WetLab seminer

"KITARO" Surgical Training System

Step1: "KITARO DryLab" A starter kit for beginners

Used to learn basic instrumentation in phaco surgery such as CCC and nucleus dividing at a desk of medical office or home.

Step2: "KITARO WetLab" Realistic simulation kit to replace porcine eyes

Used to master basic phaco surgery by surgical simulation resembling human eyes using a phaco machine and microscope.

"Step3: "KITARO ComplexLab" Skill up kit for intermediate surgeons

Used to practice complex cases in cataract suegery.

KITARO DryLab &WetLab Video

KITARO ComplexLab Video Vol.1

KITARO ComplexLab Video Vol.2